Beauty Salon
Beauty Salon

Visit the hair station and one of our talented hair girls will apply some funky Braids or a hairstyle of your choice to your hair!  You may want your hair up in "barrels" or "worms" or other various hair styles we have. Finish the style off with a misting of glitter and you will really sparkle in the disco! (Pls note all our brushes and combs are cleaned in 'Barbicide' for each party.

Which of our many nail art designs will you choose? Make your selection and then sit at our nail bar and discuss colours and glitter with our nail girl. You also can choose your own tattoo.

Visit the makeup area and we will apply some age appropriate makeup, with a dusting of sparkle to complete the princess/ funky look!  For younger ages we do face painting which is also very popular

Cocktail Bar
Cocktail Bar

In this part of the shop refreshments are provided from the beginning of the party to the end. Help yourself to juice throughout the party and sit up at the cocktail bar on pink, black and silver  bar stools whilst you chat with your friends.

Feeling peckish? Help yourself to our buffet. The food is prepared freshly for each party and contains some healthy options aswell as the naughtier ones!

Typical Menu
Ham Sandwiches, Grated Cheese Sandwiches, Chocolate Spread Sandwiches, Jam Sandwiches, Sausage Rolls, Cocktail Sausages, Grapes, Carrot Sticks, Cucumber Slices, Crisps, Biscuits, Sweets

Ice Cream Cornets are also available at 0.50/child there is a range of various flavours and sauces, you can also decide to add this on day of party if you so wish to do so.


Funky Disco

Enjoy yourselves in our funky disco complete with professional disco lights, a built in 70's dance floor, we have all the latest up to date music on our ipod and much more, if there is certain music you like just let us know and we will have it for you at your party.

Take part in party games, musical bumps, musical statues, limbo, the list goes on.
Perhaps you would like our girls to show you some dance moves....Just ask!


A team of party helpers will be on hand at every party to give the children their makeovers and ensure that they thoroughly enjoy their party experience.  They will encourage the children to;

  • Play party games complete with prizes provided by Sugar and Spice.
  • Sing on the Karaoke - perhaps even have a singing competition!
  • Dance - they will show them some dance routines and encourage them to make up their own.
  • Have a talent show, these are very popular and *Limbo*

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